Our objective is the development of targeted therapies against senescent cells to treat aging-associated diseases

Our Approach

 Focus on cancer cell senescence

StarkAge Therapeutics analyses through different proteomic approaches the specific signature of senescent cells in pathological context. Different models and senescence inducers have been set up in our laboratory and allow us the identification of potential targets.

Lead Program: DPP4 antibody

DPP4 is a protein membrane with enzymatic activity implicated in several biological processes. During senescence, expression of DPP4 increases significantly and plays a major function in the phenotype associated to senescence. StarkAge Therapeutics has been patented different antibodies against DPP4 and develops therapies based in this intellectual property.

StarkAge Therapeutics Pipeline

In addition to the DPP4 lead program, StarkAge Therapeutics develops two other candidates in the field of senescence associated to cancer. The strategy is to extend patents portfolio of the company and combine different targets to enhance specificity/selectivity.